Selected photographers for “Urban & Human Empathy”


Takes shape “Urban & Human Empathy”, first photographic project launched by Exhibit Around, centered on the human presence immersed in the urban context. A theme focused on the City, which offers to the authors great expressive possibilities. Guidelines given to photographers were suggesting images of “lights and shadows, colors and …

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Exhibit Around is born

Dom Literatury, Lodz

Exhibit Around is a new service that takes care of Photography Exhibitions, in Italy and abroad, managing every artistic and logistic aspects:  planning, selection of the pictures, printing, transportation, setup, promotion and connected photobook editing (catalogues and books, on paper and digital). Exhibit Around is not a contest, it’s a …

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Urban & Human Empathy – l’elemento umano


THEME The City: lights and shadows, colors and grayness, frenzy and relaxation, history and modernity, opulence and misery. Contrasts that shape people’s lives. The city is surrounding us, influencing us, constraining us. Anyways, at the same time, we melt in it. Key element of “Urban and Human Empathy” is Mankind …

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URBAN unveils the City and its secrets – vol. 02


The aim of this editorial project dedicated to street photography is to provide the reader with an overview of stories told through images. The photos have been selected from 83 phtotographers ranked at URBAN 2016 Photo Awards. These images have in common an element which is either obvious or just …

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